NEPCON Verification established in 2007 which is 1st background screening company in Nepal. The management team consists of Social Entrepreneur, Lawyers, Ex-Government Officer & Young Professional.

We are providing comprehensive background verification Services which are providing you a safeguard with risk management consultancy throughout Nepal with a strong network of professional, on-ground background screeners. We are rendering our compliance pertaining to our Services of checking the veracity of the information registered under various rules and regulations and these entities can record the authentic results of the background check. Our ultimate goal is to find the facts behind the present proposal of association to take wise decision. We are providing you the background investigation Services in all over Nepal

Due to the sensitive nature of the Services, all queries will be dealt under strict confidentiality and under the influence of extreme ethical consideration.

IP Investigation and Protection Services
Anti-counterfeiting investigations
Trademarks, Copyrights, patent, design infringement investigation
Parallel trade investigations
Grey market investigation
Market survey
IP due diligence
IP litigation support services

Insurance Investigation
International insurance claim investigations
Accident claim investigation
Life insurance claim investigation
Travel insurance claim investigation
Identity Check
Criminal Record Checks
Court Record Verification

Drug Check
Property claim investigation
Corporate Investigation
Corporate Due Diligence Investigations
Company genuineness status checks
Vendor Due Diligence
Know Your Customer (KYC) Screening
Media & Online Searches
Business Background Investigation

Education Certificate Verification
Socioeconomic status of the future partner company.
Pre- Employment Verification and Background Check Services.
Professional License Verification
Personal Or Professional Reference Verification
Employment history Verification
Driving License Verification
Address Verification

Business license expiration dates.
Migrated business.
Debt and credit history.
Reference check.
Criminal backgrounds check to screen.
Physical description and personal identifiers.
Criminal conviction records.
Legitimate cases in courts.
Reliability and validity

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